Dopo Infosystems offers best of the breed Products & Solutions in partnership with some of the leading vendors in IT industry.

  Enterprise Servers  

Enterprise Servers must be fine-tuned to manage data, integrate, and coordinate your business processes. To deliver maximum output, all components of this core infrastructure - hardware and software - must be appropriately sized, fine tuned for performance based on established technologies. Dopo offers a wide range of products and solutions for your core IT infrastructure needs.
»  Enterprise Servers
» HPC and Cluster Architecture
» Enterprise Systems Integration
» Server Consolidation

  Networking and Security  

Efficient network systems enable continuous flow of information and maintain high security levels to protect data and ensure privacy. These network systems form the foundation of your IT infrastructure. Our end-to-end network consulting solutions address your needs in future ready networking, security, and network / system management, there by enabling you to meet your business objective and enhance your enterprise’s competence.
Dopo provides robust, secure, flexible, high performance networks backed with experience and alliances with industry leaders to deliver products and solutions based on proven technologies:
» Switches and Routers
» Security Appliances
» Structured Cabling
» Enterprise Networking
» Data Centre Networking
» Wireless Networking

  Enterprise Storage  

High quality storage solutions are reliable, fault-tolerant and efficient to handle large volumes of data in your company. Today, every organization requires a durable data storage system to manage massive data that increases along with the growth of the computer environment. Dopo life cycle of services include planning, designing, deploying, optimizing, and managing your storage, which will ensure quick, efficient, reliable access and management of your business data based on products and solutions from some of the leading storage companies such as:
» Enterprise Storage integration
» Storage Management Software
» NAS and SAN Solutions
» Backup and Recovery Solutions
» Storage Management Solutions

  Personal Computer  

A reliable device for every individual in your organization, personal computers are used to accomplish simple to complex tasks depending on the requirement. To be able to get the most out of a PC, you have to ensure that the tool is well equipped with all the standard software and hardware of standard quality. Dopo caters to all your computer requirements, provides services that will optimize the performance of your PCs and offers a range of products and solutions from leading vendors.
» Desktop Computers
» Notebook Computers
» Workstations
» PC operating Systems - Windows, Linux
» PC Security Solutions - Antivirus, Firewall
» Wireless Networking
» Personal Storage Solutions
» PC operating Systems - Windows, Linux

  Peripherals and Accessories  

These supporting devices can change the entire workability of your systems. It is appropriate to use the most efficient and flexible tools to generate optimal output. We provide high-end technological devices and paraphernalia to enhance the performance of your equipments.
» Network Printers, Scanner and Plotters
» Monitors
» Mouse, Keyboards, Camera, Headphones, Notebook Bags, Power Supplies etc.
» Memory Upgrades
» Battery